Waking from hibernation, I'm waking from my winter slumber.

This was super simple and once more I LOVE TRADER JOE'S. T.J's has some of the best pantry staples.
I often get lazy if I'm home, I don't feel like leaving. When I am feeling like this I start digging around the fridge and freezer (p.s. This is one of my favorite past times)

I have LOADS to work with, from the staples:
Frozen Salmon Patties
Canned chickpeas
That weird squeezable "lemon"

For the dressing: In a bowl, I threw a dollop of greek yogurt, a squirt of Dijon and lemon, diced some garlic and rosemary and one swish of olive oil. And a cthrack, cthramk from the pepper mill. That's the base - which for all intents and purposes tastes like a GOOD ranch dressing. Then I added like 10 chopped up olives and same amount of capers. I mixed it up to blend. OH I have feta toss a tablespoon of that in and OH I HAVE TOMATOS!!! Slice, mix, toss.

Canned beans always freak me out a little bit so I rinse them, through a sieve...a LOT. Once all good I put the cleaned chickpeas into the bowl of dressing and toss to coat.
That's it really. I put the salmon patty on the grill. As is.

To plate I scooped a heaping 1/2 Cup of the chick pea yummy and topped the salmon with 1/4 avocado.

Nutrition Facts and Analysis for chickpea nom