Weekend Date Night dinner at home!

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Ikea on a Saturday - either you can find the zen in it or you can't. While having to stop mid stride as the family in front of us decided to stop dead in the middle of the moving lane - I chose to think about what to make for dinner tonight instead of the equally viable option of bitch slapping the idiot screaming "HELLO...DID YOU REALIZE YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN THE WORLD?!"

"That Australian rack of lamb looked killer the other night at Dave's (our local IGA) I wonder if they still have them."

On the way home I flipped through my epicurious iPhone app, hands down my most favorite application. looking for ways to treat the lamb. panko, mustard encrusted or a simple herb rub etc etc.
simple herb rub. with roasted tomatoes & isreali couscous & mozzarella

grocery list
rack of lamb 4-8 depending on the size
thyme, rosemary, sage
garlic, shallots/onion
chicken stock (1 cup to 1 oz of couscous)
Israeli couscous
tomatoes (heirloom always best)
set oven to 400

make The Rub
dice 2 cloves of garlic sprinkle with bit of salt & pepper and mash with the edge of your knife to make a past
mix in 1 parts rosemary to 2 parts thyme
combine and bind with 1 tbsp of olive oil

prepare a baking dish with a bit of oil
place 2-3 tomatoes cut in half cut side up
sprinkle 1/3 of rub on the toms

put them in the oven

start heating up a pan

pat dry then salt & pepper the Rack

sear the rack on all sides til a nice crust forms

set rack in oven proof pan
rub on the remaining rub

alongside the toms

forget about them for about 20min

in the pan that you seared the rack in

sautee a shallot or onion
picking up all the sucs until translucent

add the couscous in and get a nice little brown to them -
then add chicken stock bring to a simmer

add a little bit of sage, salt & pepper
and forget about it until all the liquid is absorbed -
i had the thought to treat it as a risotto but that was of course AFTER I added the liquid

The numbers on the couscous vary widely
so read your nutrition info

for the above meal I shot for 35G

& I was 90 3 hrs later so that worked for me


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