Keep the variables to a minimum.

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This weekend I started re-introducing some variables to see how it goes.

I spent the first 2 weeks of the new year trying to get off the roller-coaster and normalize. So I stopped having wine, stopped my bits of dark chocolate and seriously limited the fat, carbs and as a result calories. NOTE: I did not do a lick of exercise beyond tearing down some walls & crawling around in my attic installing insulation & every other day walks on the beach with the pups. My daily average of carbs was definitely under the recommended 138. I was around 100 - sometimes less, sometimes more but roughly 100G. Fat around 38 - these were good fats like walnuts, olive oil, avos etc. I'm not too worried about those fats. I was around 1000 calories a day. I did drop a few lbs, I can feel it, tho I didn't step on a scale before the new year. A definite, pleasant side effect to being super diligent.

A few weeks before the new year I was manually/mentally shifting my Insulin to Carb ratio to 1G less - for example I am 1Unit of insulin to 11G of Carbohydrates in the morning. I would manually override the pump to 1:10 - I do this manual override as a test for a while to see if I need to do it more officially in the pump settings. The first week of the new year and eating super clean I left it at the 1:11 and all was well and I think I need to adjust my morning basal rates. I have been waking up pretty low 60-75 the last few mornings.

This weekend I reintroduced some simple pleasures - chocolate :D!!! Friday night I had my fake out big pasta dinner - before being diabetic I never really dug into a big bowl of pasta - however, since my DX all I want is a monster bowl of WHITE fettuccine carbonara or pesto mmmmm - so I have my little fake out with (to be sung in a hong kong fuey voice) Tofu Shiri-TAKI - 3G of CARBS FOR THE ENTIRE PACKAGE!!! Add some chicken sausage, pesto and little cherry tomatoes and I allow myself to be fooled! Anyway so that whole meal is ridiculously low in anything substantial so I had a double treat. I bought Adam some LeBrea take n' bake tuscan loaf so I had a small portion AND some dark chocolate sugar free-ish jello pudding. 60 Calories, 16 carbs - love. A few hours later I dropped through the floor and had a 50 boo. I guess the bread wasn't so high after all. there wasn't a whole lot of fat in the meal so I don't think it could have held on to the carbs I had. But I did wake up higher than I like, Saturday morning -140. I wonder if I dropped in my sleep & my liver kicked in... (continuous glucose monitor would be super swell right about now). VARIABLE ugh.

So some variables that were successful:
Variable 1: I traveled for work for this week and while I stayed under/on 40G per main meal - I had a TON of salads (May I please have a spinach salad, dressing on the side, grilled chicken with no oil or sauce and side of veggies please, thanks) or ate a bunch of south beach snack bars (my staple snack food). While I had really good numbers I got pretty bored with my food options. When I got home I quizzed Adam as soon as I could about what he ate for three days. I actually prepared some stuff so he could open the fridge and see "a meal" and not just eat cereal for three days but that didn't work entirely and by Friday we were both ready for my cooking again.


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