single serve ... means FISH - 18 G

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Adam is at the Bruins game tonight so I got to eat fish yaay!

This was a basic Jodi guesswork

Heat the oven to 400
sliced zucchini (100G ... about half of it)
2 leeks (just the white)
1/2 of a red pepper - make sure all the white is removed
chives or onion
6 really thin slices of lemons
kosher salt
white fish

Lay out parchment paper
layer a leek, zucchini, pepper, lemon, fish,
then ontop of the fish do a reverse lemon, pepper, zuch, leek
salt as you see fit
wrap up the parchment paper en papillote

my fish was pretty thick so it cooked for about 20 minutes
check around 15 minutes so that it's flaky

I had 1/4 cup of brown rice with it too

Nutrition Calories 200
Fat 1.7g
Carbs 18G
Protein 29
Fiber 3.4


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